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The Brain Tree

Resources, Articles and Machine Learning Studies for mental health.


The Brain Tree was created to compile mental health resources/content for those starting out their path to mental wellness. We want our website to help your mental health as much as possible. We would love feedback, more than anything, so please email us at


Maintaining good mental health, in general, is very important and can be difficult to do because of how multifaceted it is. These resources are based around a wide variety of different parts of mental health, and can’t be categorized into specific sections. 


A huge part of mental wellness is maintaining yourself by being present and attentive. This can be achieved through meditation or introspection. Here are some resources that might help you do that. 


Oftentimes, the perfect thing that a person needs is a professional, or a group of professionals, to talk about their problems. Hopefully, these sources can help you find the support group that you or your friend needs.

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